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We find it valuable to tell you what is expected of you as an employee, so you know what to expect, and know what to strive for.  


In addition to the attributes, there are some core principles Salmon Mechanical values:


  • Be proud of your work. Do the best work and work hard. Be the most knowledgeable about our craft and produce the best craftsmanship.  Be eager to expand your knowledge & skills & help others to do the same.  Be reliable, organized, and find creative ways to get past roadblocks. Be honest with everyone and get projects completed.  

Build lifelong relationships

  • Treat co-workers, customers, and vendors as if you are going to have a lifelong relationship. When you do this, you will communicate well, be respectful, loyal, and it makes work fun.  

Servant leaders

  • Support your team. Your job as a leader is to create a path and clear roadblocks for your team. You enable them to do their jobs better and faster, even if they never see your efforts. Servant leaders put the needs of their team first to build a better organization and enrich their people’s lives.

Salmon Mechanical provides great benefits. Including competitive pay, holiday & vacation pay, 401K, dental, vision, and health insurance benefits.

Come work with us!

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